Admiral Estates - Tenant Charges and Fees: This is a copy of the document issued to clients either after viewings or before application proceeds.
(All fees are subject to vat charged at current rates.)

Fees Payable Before Tenancy commences.

Reservation Fee £320+VAT (£166.67 + Vat = £200 carried forward)
On receipt of the holding fee, we will take the property off the market and proceed with your application. Reasonable charges will be made against this should you decide not to proceed.

Referencing Fee
Single Person £175.00 +VAT, Couple £250.00 +VAT, Multiple – 2 or more persons: £125.00 +VAT per person

Fees payable prior to check in:
Deposit–One month’s rent, Rent-One Month’s rent payable in advance.

Additional Contract Clauses - £40.00

Inventory Check in Fee:
Unfurnished Property £75.00 +VAT
Furnished Property £85.00 +VAT
Fully Serviced Property £95.00 +VAT

Inventory checkout charge (These fees are payable at the commencement of your tenancy)
Unfurnished Property £90.00 +VAT
Furnished Property £120.00 +VAT
Fully Serviced Property £160.00 +VAT

End of tenancy floor/carpet cleaning Charge

1 Bed – £170.00 +VAT, 2 bed - £210.00 +VAT, 3 Bed – £250.00 +VAT ,

4+ Bed - £295.00 +VAT

This is not a fee, it is paid as a minimum to an independent cleaning contractor when you vacate. When you move in your carpets and floors will be clean. This will be carried out using the charge paid for by the vacating tenant. This charge is towards carpets and floor cleaning only. If your property is not left clean at the end of your tenancy, additional charges will be made.
Fees payable during your tenancy
Tenancy Extension Fee (For periodic tenancy extensions, including confirmation letter.) £45.00 +VAT
Tenancy Renewal Fee (Including preparation of new tenancy agreement) £75.00 +VAT
Emergency Fees:
(e.g. providing spare key out of normal hours if tenant is locked out/or provision of other out of hours assistance where the tenant is responsible – at the tenant’s request. ) £45 +VAT (+ any associated costs)
Late Rent Fee: £35.00 +VAT
Rent is due on the first day of each calendar month. If you are late paying your rent and we have to remind you, a £35.00 +VAT administration fee will be charged for the each communication.
Return of Funds Paid in Error.
Should we have to repay any balances paid in error to our account such rent overpaid due to standing orders not being cancelled at the end of contract etc. an admin fee of £25.00 + VAT will be applied.
The list of fees is for guidance only.

We reserve the right to change our fees at any time without prior notice.
I understand & accept the above charges and fees. I intend to proceed with my application. I accept and understand that reasonable charges will be made against my holding fee should I withdraw my application.


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