Complaints Proceedure

Admiral Property Management Limited - Complaints Procedure

What to do if you have a complaint:

Please address all complaints to:

The Complaints Department,

Admiral Residential Property Management Ltd

32 Symonds Lane



CB21 4HY

Please discuss your concerns with the person in the firm who deals with complaints, and ask them for a copy of their complaints procedure. When you complain, you should state:

1.         What your complaint is about.

2.         What you want Admiral Residential Property Management Ltd. to do about it.

Please put your complaint in writing, provide copies of any relevant documentation, and keep copies. Make sure you ask the person dealing with your complaint to confirm in writing:

1.         The name of the person who is handling your complaint.

2.         What they propose to do to resolve your complaint.

3.         When they'll do it.

You should receive a substantive response within 15 days of making your written complaint.

It can be helpful to confirm discussions in writing, ideally by email or by taking notes of conversations.

A complaint form is attached.


Please ensure you have read our complaints letter which explains the basis and process under which any complaint against us will be considered.

Please complete this form legibly, preferably in black ink, and return it with copies (not originals) of any relevant supporting documents to:

Complaints Department

Admiral Residential Property Management Ltd.

32 Symonds Lane



CB21 4HY

Part 1 – Main complainant details (1 Individual)

First name:  
Address for correspondence: (including postcode):    
Daytime phone number:  

Part 2 – Details of your complaint

Are you the client of the Member / Agent?   YES or NO
Are you the…. Tenant? or  Landlord?    
When did the matter of complaint occur? Date:
Have you approached someone else about your complaint? e.g. a property Ombudsman, a solicitor, the courts or the police? Other? – please provide information:      

Part 3 – Description of your complaint

Please fill in section below. Please attach extra sheets if you need more space.

Please do not say “See Attached Papers” or similar. It will help the case handling team if you set out your complaint as clearly as possible (ideally using bullet points) summarising the key aspects of why you feel you have a complaint. It would be helpful if you attach copies of any relevant documentation; which should include paperwork relating to the agents internal complaints handling procedure.


Part 4 – What resolution would you like?


Part 5 – Your agreement

If yes, please attach copy  or provide details below:          

(If you are acting on behalf of the complainant, please enclose a letter of authorisation.)

We recommend that you take a copy of this form before you send it to us.