Guidance for tenants who are living in a property where a viewing will be taking place


To minimise the number of property viewings any potential tenant will, where possible, have carried out a virtual viewing and completed other checks to ensure that the property is of genuine interest.


Before the viewing can be carried out the occupier and the viewer must declare their status to the agent and re-confirm that they have not been displaying symptoms and have not started shielding or self-isolating since last contact.


No viewings can take place if either the occupier or viewer is displaying symptoms of the coronavirus, is self-isolating or shielding.


Agreed property visits will be pre-booked and for the shortest amount of time in order to achieve the necessary outcome and will be accompanied by the agent.


Any visit should be undertaken under the social-distancing guidelines always maintaining a distance of at least two metres. In some properties this may prove to be difficult and alternative plans may be needed such as simply allowing a potential tenant to look around whilst the occupier and/or agent waits in another room or outside the property.


Prior to the visit, where possible, the occupier should clean any accessible surfaces, door handles, stair handrails etc. and ensure that the property is well ventilated.


Please open all internal doors, where possible, to avoid viewers making any unnecessary contact with surfaces such as door handles. Please chock open any self-closing doors, where possible.


Please ensure that as many external doors and windows are open to provide adequate ventilation.


Please remain, where possible, outside the property whilst the viewing is taking place e.g. in the garden etc.


At the end of the viewing, please  re-sanitise any surfaces that may have been touched such as door handles, stair handrails etc.


Please wash your hands again and/or use hand sanitiser after you have finished.


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