Admiral Estates believe in a clear and transparent online sales process which is fair to all parties. Our online system provides  instant feedback on every offer to everyone, with no delays hidden offers or sealed bids. We have developed this system so that both buyers and sellers can see where they stand at all times and to put fairness first. Whilst there can be only successful buyer, our system is equally fair to everyone.


Only offers from people who have viewed the property in person will be able to place an online offer.

Note: The online offer registration process is indicative only. No Money transfer is expected or will be taken online.


  1. Log on to
  2. Go to the "Submit Offer” tab on the top navigation bar : Sales/Buy/Submit Offer.
  3. Enter the log in password provided on your brochure or by the agent.
  4. Go to the “Practice / Test Property ” first.
  5. Click the "Bid Now" Grey Button.
  6. Click the "Place Bid" Green Button.
  7. A LOG IN (Blue) and a REGISTER NOW (Red) Buttons will appear.
  8. Click on the (Red) REGISTER NOW Button.
  9. Enter your surname and email address and chosen password when prompted.
  10. Make a note of your chosen user name password as you will need it to log in, in future.
  11. Once registration is complete, you will be re-directed to the secure "Place Your Online Offer" site.
  12. Click bid now button. Enter your offer in the box provided and click the green place bid button.
  13. All offers are confirmed and acknowledged on screen (c. 1-3 Seconds) and also by email in 1-3 minutes. Once receipt of your offer is confirmed live onscreen, it  is registered with us in real time, this may be several minutes before you receive email confirmation.
  14. Please make a few test offers on the "Test Property"  page before logging on to the “Live Auction Feed”

Offers on the "Test Property" are totally without commitment and are for testing only.


  1. Go direct to the Sales Feed page and LOG IN to the submit offer page with the password provided by the agent.
  2. To make an offer, click bid now and place bid buttons.
  3. LOG IN with your chosen USER NAME and PASSWORD (as per test site).
  4. Enter your offer. Offers in the live Property Auction Feed are increased in increments of £1000.
  5. The submit offer page will show the current highest online bid in real time.
  6. To see complete offer history Click on the "# Bids" (Blue Wording)
  7. Please ensure you know your offer limit before you place your offer, and that you have access to any parties that you may need to consult with beforehand should you wish to further increase your offer.
  8. “BID SNIPERS BEWARE!” Any offers placed within the last few seconds of the End Time will extend the offer registration time limit by 4 minutes to allow others to respond to your offer.
  9. Please ensure that you are online and ready to respond and allow time to respond to last second offers that extend the auction close time.
  10. Once the sale is finished, highest placed offers will be approached in to establish the best and final bid.
  11. The best and final bid will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • The highest offer.
  • The person in the strongest financial position to purchase (this may not necessarily be the highest bidder).
  • The person with the ability to proceed to completion soonest.

The best and final bid will be selected, in consultation with the vendor from the top few offers. The highest offer will be considered first. All of the best offers will be considered in strict order of merit until the best and final bid is established. NOTE: Please email [email protected]  for further information.