Proud sponsors of the Emmaus Homeless Charity Community in Cambridge

Admiral Estates: Proud sponsors of the Emmaus Homeless Charity Community in Cambridge.

Picture1Emmaus is a fantastic organisation. It helps homeless people who have “fallen off the edge” get a room, a bed . If you would like to support Emmaus, please contact us to find out how. We shall be posting events and opportunities here and on our facebook page. To take a closer look at Emmaus, please check out their website here:

Geoff Bowen, Admiral Estates


In 2017, Admiral Estates have chosen to work with Terry Waite and the Emmaus Homeless Charity Community in Cambridge –

We are aware of the tremendous gap between the “Have’s” and “Have Not’s” in our region. It’s not about simply “throwing money” at this issue. It’s about creating long term, working solutions for homeless people to get back on their feet, get their pride back and start making a positive contribution again!  “Give a man a bed to sleep in … and a reason to get out of it!”  Emmaus provides accommodation in a working community which has a shop that re-cycles  furniture and household goods  , a café , and  gardens. It’s a great place to visit .

Watch out for Admiral’s events and new opportunities to support Emmaus Cambridge. We look forward to keeping you posted!

Emmaus is a homelessness charity providing more than just a bed for the night to people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

Picture3Emmaus provide a home  and meaningful work in their social enterprise. Living in a stable environment with the opportunity to work helps our companions, as residents are known, to regain lost self-esteem and the confidence to get back on their feet.

Emmaus Cambridge is one of 28  Emmaus communities across the UK. These communities provide a home and meaningful work to more than 700 formerly homeless people. In addition to this, there are four emerging groups, working hard to establish new communities. Together, we are working towards a target of being able to offer 1,000 companion places by 2020.

Like any flourishing community, Emmaus is most successful when everyone contributes. For Emmaus, that means working together in the social enterprise, to generate funds needed to support the community and the companions that call it home.

In return, companions are expected to work 40 hours per week or as much as they are able in the charity’s social enterprise. They are required to sign off all benefits, apart from housing benefit, which is claimed to help support the community. The goal is for each community to become self-sufficient, supporting itself with the revenue it generates through its businesses.

The Emmaus model has a huge impact on restoring confidence and self-respect, as companions take responsibility for keeping their community going and work hard to support themselves and others. For the many people who have been stuck in a cycle of homelessness, Emmaus provides the space and support they need to take stock of their lives and make positive changes for the future.

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